July 31 - August 8, 2017


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WHAT IS Transformative Leadership Summit?

Since starting the Transformative Principal Podcast, I've wanted to create an annual conference that would serve as the catalyst for savvy educators around the world to easily transform their schools to be the best places for kids. It doesn't matter what your role at your school, you contribute to the powerful impact schools can have on students.

It's called Transformative Leadership Summit, and it will bring thousands of teachers, principals, leaders, and key influencers together from July 31-August 8 for an 8-day journey through optimizing every aspect of the school experience. Focusing on the Student Experience, Parent Experience, Teacher Experience and Administrator Experience.




Transformative Leadership Summit and Transformative Principal Podcast

Join host Jethro Jones as he interviews over 3 dozen world-class educational leaders to learn how to improve the School Experience.  

The Transformative Leadership Summit will focus on improving the * Administrator Experience * Teacher Experience * Student Experience * Parent/Community Experience  

Each interview will give you actionable steps on making your school better than it has ever been, even if you are already an awesome school.  

There’s something here for everyone!

Amy Fast

Amy Fast

Jimmy Casas

Zaretta Hammond 

Jeff Zoul 

Justin Baeder

Cindy Couchman

David Smith 

Tom Hierck

Jon Harper 

Glenn Robbins

Kashi Bazemore-Hall 

Destry Brown

Joshua Spodek 

Sylwia Denko 

Kimberly Miles

Brian Edmister

Mike Anderson 

Paul Erickson

Anthony Muhammad

Bill Ziegler 

Jon Laffoon

Jennifer Abrams

Margaret Wright

Bob Sonju 

Mark Barnes 

Katie Kinnaman

William Parker

Shane Shafir

Allison Zmuda

Tom Braddock

Chris Horton

Chris Wejr 

Nicholas Fischer

Keven Barker 

Frederick Lane 

Joe Sanfilippo

Start your school year on the right foot and join us for this unbelievable lineup of amazing speakers. 


Transformative Leadership Summit 2017 will be an immersive weeklong event designed to improve your school, no matter where you are. 

Each day you learn from engaging interviews and presentations from some of the brightest minds in education and leadership. The conference is designed to give you actionable ideas to guide you on a step-by-step journey through every School Experience—teaching you to increase effectiveness of the Student Experience, Teacher Experience, Parent Experience, and Administrator Experience.

The Administrator Experience

Monday, July 31

  • Four Speakers teaching about how to improve the school administrator experience
  • Productivity
  • Feedback
  • Personal Growth

Tuesday, August 1

  • Four Speakers teaching about how to improve the school administrator experience
  • Communication
  • Teacher Voice
  • Distributed Leadership

The Teacher Experience

Wednesday, August 2

  • Four Speakers teaching about how to improve the teacher experience
  • Growth
  • Evaluation
  • Engagement
  • Direct instruction

Thursday, August 3

  • Four Speakers teaching about how to improve the teacher experience
  • Observations
  • Actvities
  • Flexible Seating
  • Relationships

The Parent Experience

Friday, August 4

  • Four Speakers teaching about how to improve the parent experience
  • Communication
  • Student Achievement
  • Activities
  • Parental engagement

Saturday, August 5

  • Four Speakers teaching about how to improve the parent experience
  • Volunteering
  • Activism
  • Steering Committees
  • Parental Involvement

The Student Experience

Monday, August 7

  • Four Speakers teaching about how to improve the student experience
  • Student choice
  • Student EdCamps
  • Student Voice
  • Student owned learning

Tuesday, August 8

  • Four Speakers teaching about how to improve the student experience 
  • Standards 
  • Student clubs
  • Makerspaces
  • Flexible Learning

**Topics are subject to change. Please check back for updates.


Wherever YOU Want!

The Transformative Leadership Summit is online only, so you can attend from your home, office, or even on the beach! 

Hey, it's still summer for some of us!


Kyle Borel @kyleborel 

As a school principal my world revolves around my campus and our kids. I have great team members in my district, but I also find so much value in looking outside our box to better support and drive our school forward.

Last year I was excited to benefit from the Transformative Leadership Summit. I was able to listen and watch on my own time, during the day, after school, and on my commute. 

I learned from various leaders and innovative thinkers - giving me new perspectives, ideas, processes, and innovations. In addition to that, I also had the all access pass which provided me with the relevant documents and tools available to modify for my actual campus (and all the videos to reference again later). 

When I heard early bird registration was available, I jumped right on it. 


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Transformative Leadership Summit


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