July 31 - August 8, 2017


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WHAT IS Transformative Leadership Summit?

Since starting the Transformative Principal Podcast, I've wanted to create an annual conference that would serve as the catalyst for savvy educators around the world to easily transform their schools to be the best places for kids. It doesn't matter what your role at your school, you contribute to the powerful impact schools can have on students.

It's called Transformative Leadership Summit, and it will bring thousands of teachers, principals, leaders, and key influencers together from July 31-August 8 for an 8-day journey through optimizing every aspect of the school experience. Focusing on the Student Experience, Parent Experience, Teacher Experience and Administrator Experience.


Engage with thought leaders who will transform the way you think about education. Here's what people learned from the Summit last year:

"Created a pull for my staff to want to pursue personal and professional growth."


"Skills that I can apply as a teacher-leader in the years to come, specifically with respect to a teacher-led curriculum redesign project I'm leading." 


"Explore new ideas and vision!"


"Time management and priorities." 


"Activities/inspiration for serving low-income, minority students from a leadership perspective."


"How to become a better leader for the teachers I serve."




Transformative Leadership Summit and Transformative Principal Podcast

"I have already gotten some good ideas on promoting a positive culture. Also, organizational tips and walk-through /evaluation ideas are helpful. Thanks for doing this!"


"Strategies for dealing with difficult people, having those difficult conversations, and making that necessary trouble."


Interested in Presenting at Transformative Leadership Summit?

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Transformative Leadership Summit 2017 will be an immersive weeklong event designed to improve your school, no matter where you are. 

Each day will be made up of engaging interviews and presentations some of the brightest minds in education and leadership. The conference is designed to give you actionable ideas to guide you on a step-by-step journey through every School Experience‚ÄĒteaching you to increase effectivenss of the Student Experience, Teacher Experience, Parent Experience, and Administrator Experience.

The Administrator Experience

Monday, July 31

  • Four Speakers teaching about how to improve the school administrator experience
  • Productivity
  • Feedback
  • Personal Growth

Tuesday, August 1

  • Four Speakers teaching about how to improve the school administrator experience
  • Communication
  • Teacher Voice
  • Distributed Leadership

The Teacher Experience

Wednesday, August 2

  • Four Speakers teaching about how to improve the teacher experience
  • Growth
  • Evaluation
  • Engagement
  • Direct instruction

Thursday, August 3

  • Four Speakers teaching about how to improve the teacher experience
  • Observations
  • Actvities
  • Flexible Seating
  • Relationships

The Parent Experience

Friday, August 4

  • Four Speakers teaching about how to improve the parent experience
  • Communication
  • Student Achievement
  • Activities
  • Parental engagement

Saturday, August 5

  • Four Speakers teaching about how to improve the parent experience
  • Volunteering
  • Activism
  • Steering Committees
  • Parental Involvement

The Student Experience

Monday, August 7

  • Four Speakers teaching about how to improve the student experience
  • Student choice
  • Student EdCamps
  • Student Voice
  • Student owned learning

Tuesday, August 8

  • Four Speakers teaching about how to improve the student experience 
  • Standards 
  • Student clubs
  • Makerspaces
  • Flexible Learning

**Topics are subject to change. Please check back for updates.


Wherever YOU Want!

The Transformative Leadership Summit is online only, so you can attend from your home, office, or even on the beach! 

Hey, it's still summer for some of us!

How Does it Work?

Each day, you will receive an email with a link to the video interviews and presentations relating to the topic for that day. You'll be able to watch them at your leisure. 

Every video will have actionable information to help you improve your school, no matter your position. 


Be part of the #1 online educational leadership event!


Transformative Leadership Summit sponsorships offer a valuable opportunity to showcase your brand and gain targeted exposure to thousands of engaged educators, ready to take education to a new level!

Being an online-only conference, sponsorships work a bit differently than most conferences. You will have the unique opportunity to be targeted into the inbox of each attendee as part of the promotion of the event, depending on your level of sponsorship. Each sponsorship level provides different opportunities to make sure that the attendees see your message, and have an opportunity to reach you or opt-in to your email list.  






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Transformative Leadership Summit